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  • Empresa

    DATTE is a company that provides utilizing interactive technology, mainly the internet, in the learning process.
    DATTE attends private and governmental organizations, providing consulting services in the planning of online education and training courses or the complete development of the programs.
    When developing the courses and trainings, DATTE rely on the most esteemed andragogical and pedagogical processes when utilizing technological elements in such a way to assure an efficient learning. Effectively delivering e-learning is much more involved than just offering content over the Internet.
    Our work embraces all the necessary steps to transpose the programs content from traditional courses to e-learning courses, focusing on interactive technology.
    We also provide our clients with pedagogical/ andragogical guidance on which strategies shall be used in order to assure the program meets the results expected by the clients.
    The vast experience of our team in conjunction with respected educational institutions, combined with our own technology, assure the delivery of high quality services.

  • Serviços

    Our training and educational programs are set up and customized utilizing the most modern technological resources. A multidisciplinary staff is responsible for developing the programs/softwares focusing on the clients needs. Their work comprises:
    . Development and conversion of the printed content to online content;
    . Pedagogical/ andragogical support;
    . Design and multimedia content .

    Strong online support, (chat or exclusive technical support website), including relevant information about the courses such as: access problems, login, password is offered to the students in real time. This way, the organization makes sure a high quality service is provided for the end user and monitors the online support service, appraising its efficiency.

    DATTE provides pedagogical support for all the long distance courses, achieving more interactivity with the student and reducing the rate of students not completing the course.

    Upon completion of the course, DATTE issue the course completion certificate for the students.
  • Partners

    Efficientia SA was established in 2002 as a wholly owned subsidiary of CEMIG. The company brings the experience of Cemig, which, since 1966, worries about the proper use of electricity. The ability of CEMIG is recognized by the market and attested by the awards received by their PROCEL energy efficiency programs, for which Efficientia is proud to have contributed to the projects implemented. With a qualified team and multidisciplinary, with a set of specialized partners, Efficientia SA develops solutions for the efficient use of all forms of energy for domestic and international markets, promoting the improvement of enterprise competitiveness and preserving the environment through rational use of energy resources. Efficientia SA works with creative and innovative responses to customers, by providing various services market in the energy area.

  • Contact



    866 Cura Dar´s Street, Prado
    Belo Horizonte City - Zip Code: 30411-197
    Minas Gerais State - Brasil
    +55 (0xx31) 3077-2928 - (PABX)
    +55 (0xx31) 2127-2921 - (Support)
    +55 (0xx31) 3077-2319 - (Commercial)